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About Us

Suzhou Zhixiangsuxing co.,ltd(or Szebikekits), based in South Jiangsu, provides OEM and ODM of e-bike motors kits.

Including middle motor system and hub motor system and torque sensor system Such as display and controller and speed sensor and torque sensor and middle motor and all hub motors and torque sensor and so on .

We are not an old history company, but we have e-bike kits experiences over 5 years.

Create value for customers, but also create good surprises. Because of this, our old customers trust us and often introduce new opportunities let us from nothing to better.s

Besides, we have joined Alibaba, Hope to service new customers conveniently.


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Email: Kelly@szebikekits.com

Add:Jiangsu Province, China Wuzhong District, South road 165

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